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Nursing theories are exhibited as scientific knowledge concepts that actually define the scope of nursing practice. These theories are important with inside the idea of nursing. Most of the nursing theories are evolved with the aid of using nurses, however at instances different fitness professionals, inclusive of physicians have contributed to the improvement of nursing theories. Nurses can create a theory on their own or in association with other nurses. In nurse theories assist explain what nurses do and why they do it. The framework provided from the various nursing theories helps to shape the parameters of patient care delivery. Doctors of Nursing Practice (DNPs) may use these theories to help shape care delivery plans in a way that is compatible with a variety of planned outcomes.

Nursing Education Conferences | Nursing Informatics Congress | Current Trends in Nursing practice Congress

  • Track 1-1Grand Nursing Theories
  • Track 1-2Middle-Range Nursing Theories
  • Track 1-3Practice-Level Nursing Theories

Nursing education is one of the professional educations for the preparation of different kinds of nurses to certify them to provide executive health care to the patients including all ages who are suffering from the variety of diseases or disorders. This includes the functions and responsibilities in the physical care of patients, and a combination of different disciplines that both accelerates the patient's return to health and helps maintain it.

Nursing Informatics Congress | Current Trends in Nursing practice Congress | Types of Nursing conferences

  • Track 2-1Nursing Qualification
  • Track 2-2Nursing Degrees in world
  • Track 2-3Indian Nursing Council

Nursing Informatics is an area under nursing profession which understand the concept of nursing, data analysis, Information sciences for medical data maintenance and development, thereby supports the nursing practice and finally improves the result of patient healthcare by following the recently evolved technologies. Informatics is changing the face of healthcare. As they are based on the front lines of patient care, nurse informaticists are especially suited for playing a greater role in health care planning and decision-making.

Current Trends in Nursing practice Congress | Types of Nursing conferences | Pediatric Nursing Conferences

  • Track 3-1Responsibilities and duties of Nurse Informaticist
  • Track 3-2Computerised Provider Order Entry
  • Track 3-3Electronic Medical Records

Nursing is consistently changing from time to time. In order to accept some new challenges and further activities in your career, we have to make novel developments like Improving outpatient care, Importance of Ethnic accomplishment, improving health of the patient, increasing customer experience and arise the data analysis skills among nurses.

Types of Nursing conferences | Pediatric Nursing Conferences | Adult Nursing Congress

  • Track 4-1Outpatient Care
  • Track 4-2Importance of Cultural Competency
  • Track 4-3Preventive Health
  • Track 4-4Increasing Consumer Sophistication
  • Track 4-5Rise of Nursing Informatics

In nursing profession, We have different kinds of nurses have all sorts of unique specialties and capabilities based on training and certification, whether it's registered nurses, pediatric nurses, neonatal/NICU nurses, flight nurses, home health nurses and nurses who specialize in radiology, telemetry, dialysis etc., It is classified into various sectors which includes

Pediatric Nursing Conferences | Adult Nursing Congress | Midwifery Nursing conferences

  • Track 5-1Registered nurse
  • Track 5-2Licensed Practical nurse
  • Track 5-3Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Track 5-4Nurse Practitioner
  • Track 5-5ICU Registered Nurse
  • Track 5-6Travel Registered Nurse
  • Track 5-7Staff Nurse
  • Track 5-8Operating Room Nurse

Pediatric nursing also known as child nursing and are responsible for maintaining safety of neonates and also children up to their adolescence most often in a day-clinics or In-patient hospitals. They are further divided into direct nursing care, Neonatal nursing and Pediatric Emergency nursing. They should follow certain fundamentals to reach their goal in order to promote the health of the children. They give primary care services such as diagnosing and treating most common childhood illnesses and developmental screenings. Acute care and special services are also available for the chronically ill children.

Adult Nursing Congress | Midwifery Nursing conferences  | Geriatric Nursing Conferences

  • Track 6-1Vaccination & Autism
  • Track 6-2Antibiotic Resistance in Preschool Children
  • Track 6-3Eating Disorders & Social Media Impact
  • Track 6-4Pediatric Care Ethics
  • Track 6-5Adolescent Medicine Practices
  • Track 6-6Speech Disorders Therapy

General  nursing also known as Adult nursing, as described by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, they are responsible for maintaining the safety of adults ranges from 18 years old to elder people who are suffering from different ailments. Adult nurses have knowledge to meet the physical, psychological, holistic and social needs, demands and faiths of people from ethnically diverse communities. They are the main point of contact for adult patients and their families, and play a vital role in teams of professional and medical staff. Adult nurses are work with doctors, social workers and therapists, and attend to a patient's comfort and emotional well-being as well as their medical needs.

Midwifery Nursing conferences | Geriatric Nursing Conferences | Women Health Nursing Conferences

  • Track 7-1Mental Health & Psychiatric Care in Adults
  • Track 7-2Bipolar Disorder Non-Chemical Practices
  • Track 7-3Exercise & Sports Medicine
  • Track 7-4Obesity & Weight Management Programs
  • Track 7-5Dental & Oral Health in United States

Midwifery Nursing is a branch of medical science and profession that deals with gestation women, parturition and the postpartum period. The period belongs to gestation that includes all the trimesters and parturition includes labor, delivery and their birthing positions. They are also responsible to take care of the new born. Nurses and midwives account for approximately 50% of the global health workforce. Nurses play a vital role in health promotion, disease prevention and delivering primary and community care. They can provide care in emergency settings and they will be key to the achievement of universal health coverage.

Geriatric Nursing Conferences | Women Health Nursing Conferences | Mental Health Nursing Conferences

  • Track 8-1Maternal & Neonatal Practices in Rural Areas
  • Track 8-2First Antenatal Appointment Analysis
  • Track 8-3Mental Illness & Post-natal Period
  • Track 8-4Self-Instruction Kits & Natal Safety
  • Track 8-5Gestational Weight Gain Challenges
  • Track 8-6Obese Pregnant Women Safety Rules

Gerontology is the study which include social, cultural, behavioural, psychological, cognitive, physiological and psychological features of old age people and their aging. Geriatric nurses are responsible for maintaining the healthcare of elderly patients within the hospital, in the home or at any rehabilitation institutions/psychiatric institutions. Elderly care nurses are responsible for the observation the disease at its early stages and also to prevent the further progression of the disease condition by following the ethical rules related to geriatrics. They are expected to be skilled in patient care, treatment planning, education and rehabilitation. Geriatric nurses also take on many roles in the workplace.

Women Health Nursing Conferences | Mental Health Nursing Conferences | Nursing on Obstetrics Conferences

  • Track 9-1Joint Disorders Study
  • Track 9-2Atrial Fibrillation Study
  • Track 9-3Bladder Cancer Therapy
  • Track 9-4Cardiovascular Risk Reduction
  • Track 9-5Geriatrics Ethics

This is a particular category of nursing practice which involves the specialization in the ailments of effeminate consumptive structure that includes female genitalia growth, female genitalia malignancy, reasons for the advance of malignant tumour, cervical & breast carcinoma treatment. They are responsible in provide the healthcare services for woman in all aspects. In addition, they also provide the ethical principles according to the infertility, contraceptive advices, labor and delivery advices to the woman. Nurses are the primary providers of bedside care for women and new born children.

Mental Health Nursing Conferences | Nursing on Obstetrics Conferences | Evidence based Nursing Education and Practice Conferences

  • Track 10-1Breast Cancer Treatment and Prognosis
  • Track 10-2Infertility Ethical Rules
  • Track 10-3Menopause Challenges
  • Track 10-4Ovarian Disorder Analysis
  • Track 10-5Pregnancy Prevention Measures
  • Track 10-6Reproductive Endocrinology

Mental Health Nursing is known as psychiatric nursing. It is a distinct category of nursing practice which deals with the mental health of the patients of all age groups suffering from mental disorders. It includes depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar disorder and drug addiction. PMH-APRN’s are responsible to maintain health care services to the mentally retarded patients by working with individual patients, families and groups. They follow some nursing therapy interference for the diagnosis & treatment of the disorders.

Nursing on Obstetrics Conferences | Evidence based Nursing Education and Practice ConferencesClinical Nursing Congress

  • Track 11-1Depression
  • Track 11-2Alcohol Addiction
  • Track 11-3Schizophrenia
  • Track 11-4Bipolar Disorder
  • Track 11-5PTSD
  • Track 11-6Psychiatric Patient Ethics
  • Track 11-7Nursing Interventions therapies
  • Track 11-8Awareness Programs

Obstetrical nursing is also called as perinatal nursing deals with the patients, who are planning to become pregnant, or in gestation period, or in parturition condition. Obstetrical nurses are responsible to take care of normal pregnancy condition, abnormal pregnancy condition, normal labor & induction of labor, abnormal labor and any other pregnancy related complications.

Evidence based Nursing Education and Practice Conferences | Clinical Nursing Congress | Perioperative Nursing Conferences


  • Track 12-1Historical development of Obstetrics
  • Track 12-2Normal pregnancy
  • Track 12-3Normal Labour and Puerperium
  • Track 12-4Abnormal pregnancy
  • Track 12-5Abnormal Labour and Puerperium
  • Track 12-6Induction of Labour
  • Track 12-7Congenital Anomalies
  • Track 12-8Obstetric Operations

Evidence based medicine is the best practice which was established in England in early 1990s. EBP is the realistic utilization of the recent evidence in acquiring decisions regarding the patient healthcare individually. There are several goals for EBP to follow the steps in order to achieve the patient’s healthcare. Various resources are included among varied hierarchy of evidence. John Hopkins nursing EBP and IOWA models are to promote quality care.

Clinical Nursing Congress | Perioperative Nursing Conferences | Holistic Nursing Congress

  • Track 13-1Goal of EBP
  • Track 13-2Steps in EBP
  • Track 13-3Sources & Hierarchy Of Evidences
  • Track 13-4Models of EBP
  • Track 13-5Barriers of EBP

Clinical nursing is an enlightened medical practice which can give a professional advice regarding the pathological conditions and therapy approach. Clinical nurses works along with the different types of nurse to process their technical skills and improves the healthcare of patients by working in different sectors. There are 3 fields of influences like subject, nursing practitioner and domain (healthcare system) and these spheres further identifies 7 core competencies.

Perioperative Nursing Conference | Holistic Nursing Congress | Advances in Nursing Conferences

  • Track 14-1Roles & Responsibilities
  • Track 14-2Steps followed to achieve safety
  • Track 14-3Clinical Nursing and Evaluation
  • Track 14-4Clinical Nursing Research
  • Track 14-5Clinical Treatment
  • Track 14-6Disease Management
  • Track 14-7Spheres and core competencies

Perioperative nursing a special category of nursing practice which is responsible in maintaining the patient healthcare during the surgical process that includes: preoperative, intra-operative and post-operative. It plays an important role in identifying the method of pathology which is required for performing a surgery according to the ethical principles. Surgical procedures can be classified into different types based on the purpose, based on urgency and based on intensity of risk.

Holistic Nursing Congress | Advances in Nursing Conferences | Dental Nursing Congress


  • Track 15-1Phases of Perioperative nursing
  • Track 15-2Types of surgery
  • Track 15-3Surgical settings & consent
  • Track 15-4Physical Assessment/Clinical Manifestations(Nursing History)
  • Track 15-5Gerontological & Psychological considerations
  • Track 15-6Surgical team members & their roles

Holistic nursing is a type of nursing practice that is responsible for maintaining the patient healthcare to treat the whole body of the patient as their fundamental goal. The general approach of this type of nursing is to maintain “mind-body-spirit-emotion-environment” as a practice of traditional system.

Advances in Nursing Conferences | Dental Nursing Congress | Travel Nursing Conferences

  • Track 16-1History
  • Track 16-2Standards & Scope of Practice
  • Track 16-3Responsibilities of a Holistic nurse

Most hospitals have advanced communication systems like to Use smart phones and apps, nurses can receive text messages and receive alarms from their patients through their phones. Forget those old-fashioned pagers. The entire nursing team is more in touch with their patients and with each other. Recently, innovative thoughts and intelligence to pulling all the companies to pave a path for the development of advanced technological systems and software with respect to health care industries. Those advanced technologies in nursing field includes, Tele-health & Tele-nursingNursing informatics, Photo-voice, smart-beds, simulation lab, Electronic medical records and thermo-dock.

Dental Nursing Congress | Travel Nursing Conferences | Cancer Nursing Congress

  • Track 17-1Telehealth & Telenursing
  • Track 17-2Nursing Informatics
  • Track 17-3Photo voice
  • Track 17-4Patient Identification Technology
  • Track 17-5Smart Beds

Dental nurse is to support the dentist in all aspects of patient care, and this includes preparing the appropriate instruments and surgery, ensuring that infection control procedures are followed and continuous preparation of surgery throughout the day. A dental nurse is basically the first contact of the patients after reaching the surgery of the dentist. Most of the people are felt nervous when visiting dentist, so a dental nurse needs to be able to make the patient feel at ease – a dental nurse needs good skills for people. During surgery a dental nurse needs to be able to work fastly and keep calm. Dental nurses are mostly employed in the private dentist or orthodontist office.

Travel Nursing Conferences | Cancer Nursing Congress | Surgical Nursing Conferences


Travel nursing is a method of nursing assignment that has developed in response to a shortage of nurses. These nurses are RNs from a variety of clinical backgrounds working for independent staffing agencies. Travel nurse’s needs may be due to lack of experienced nurses, expected absence leave, such as maternity leave, or seasonal population fluctuations. Travel nursing is an excellent career option for nurses who have at least 12 months of recent acute care clinical experience and want to advance their careers, salaries or lifestyles.

Cancer Nursing Congress | Surgical Nursing Conferences | Nursing Theory Congress

Oncology nurse is a nurse specialized in caring for patients suffering from cancer. Oncology nurses need a specialized oncology certifications and clinical experience beyond the standard baccalaureate. Oncology is an exhausting field in which nurses assist patients, families, and caregivers through the uncertainty of diagnosis and treatment, as well as the anxiety of other disease-induced uncertainties including mortality. Oncology nurses having three important roles, they are continuing the targets and morals of health care; take part in the patients' experiences; and resolve the health care principles and the patients' experiences. Nurse’s salary depends on experience, expertise, and location.

Surgical Nursing Conferences | Nursing Theory Congress | Nursing Education Conferences


Surgical nursing is also known as perioperative nursing that focuses on care before, during and right after surgical and diagnostic procedures. It is a challenging and powerful sector that offers many opportunities for learning and professional growth. Surgical nurses assist with all aspects of surgeries including cardiac surgery, oncology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, general surgery, ophthalmology, dental, orthopaedics, urology and many more. Surgical nurses are in high demand. Nurse’s salaries based on their level of education, years of experience, employer and where they live and work.

Nursing Theory Congress | Nursing Education Conferences | Current Trends in Nursing Practice Congress